Friday, January 18, 2008

Pura Vida!

Costa Rica is beautiful, peaceful, and somewhere we will return to. I knew we were in a polite country when its citizens complimented my Spanish accent. Como esta loco!

To be crude, here's a laundry-list summary of the trip:
-A swinging tour through the forest canopy.
-Lava boulders erupting out of Arenal.
-A hike up a dormant volcano, with a view down to its crater lake.
-Too many mosquito bites.
-A serendipitous dip in hot springs.
-One good downpour.
-Checking in to a hotel three hours too late to meet members of Phish and The Grateful Dead.
-A six-foot-long snake that wanted to take advantage of the pool deck.
-Dolphins and a swordfish off the side of our boat.
-My husband's toes wiggling on the hammock in front of mine, which I studied with interest.
-Fried plantains, fried plantains, fried plantains.

Bryan and I came home to an uncontrollably wiggling Louie (which we reciprocated), to a stack of mail, to a life together.

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