Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thirty-six Libraries, Thirty-six Days

Some people tour all thirty ball parks in thirty days. Me, I'm on a quest to see San Diego's thirty-six public libraries in as many days. I am doing this in an effort to better know my city, to encourage literacy, and to support our fantastic library system.

Before heading out to my first library, Beckwourth, I had lunch with V. Together, we ironed out the details of these reviews. Each library will be rated (on a scale of one to four bookmarks) on four main criteria.

Book Selection: It's the reason we go, right? Variety is paramount.
Seating: Comfortable couches, chairs, and tables are key when leafing through books.
Staff: Will be assessed on friendliness, knowledge, and sense of humor.
Architecture/Atmosphere: Ambience is everything.

I will also record other notes of observations and, of course, check out a book. And since I am terrible with directions, just for fun, I will publicly admit whether or not I get lost on my way to each branch.

#18: Oak Park
#19: Balboa
#25: Mira Mesa
#35: Central

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