Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott

My brother believes monkeys are nature's comedians. But if you're Anne Lamott, you might argue for flossing. As in, "Of course [Lamott's son] doesn't want to come to regular worship--it's so naked, built on the rubble of need and ruin, and our joy is deeply uncool--but he doesn't want to floss or do homework, either." There are three or four other flossing punchlines in this book.

The essays are funny, tightly-written, satisfying reflections on spirituality, learning to forgive George Bush, getting older, and a liberal northern California lifestyle.

"One Hand Clapping" is a dark but comforting essay. A member of Lamott's church is dying of cancer, and wants the children to decorate the casket her body will be cremated in. She wants to see the finished project before she dies, to get comfortable with where she'll be going and how she'll get there. The elders aren't sure it would be healthy for the children, so a compromise is reached and at Sunday school the children make drawings that will be pasted onto the box.


Anonymous said...

Which Brother?


Or Me?

I still got a baboon report I wrote somewhere, if you want to review that?

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

It was the other brother. But you are more than welcomed to submit that report for posting on this blog. Sounds like a compelling read. Or, you could simply weigh in on your favorite go-to for a punchline.