Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

I am so tired I could cry. Instead I will smile, and write this blog post.

Voting at my poll went extremely well, considering we had voters waiting when we arrived at 6AM to set up. Everyone got processed in a timely, courteous manner. If they came in the evening, they were treated to Presidential trivia.

Pizza deliverymen are awesome, and husbands who surprise you with frozen yogurt awesomer still.

We had about a dozen poll watchers, including a militant woman representing the Democratic party who wasn't going to smile (or be pleasant) for any reason. Not even my Presidential Trivia! She watched us set up, came back twice during voting hours and hoarded our street index, and then returned upon closing to observe us in such a way that could be called intimidation. Luckily, we are not a group who can be intimidated.

I missed a question on my Spanish quiz today. Everyone knows televisión is a feminine verb. Except for me, this afternoon.

But I made up for it with a good showing on my TESOL Speaking and Listening quiz. And then my partner and I brainstormed for a How to Teach Tone lesson plan that visually depicts the intonation of different types of questions, like concrete poems. Which as I can see it, is the only redeeming use for the poetry form.


lpanik said...

I just want to congratulate our new President Elect Barack Obama on his win. As americans we need to support him in his effort to get this great country back on track. I also congratulate all of you that voted and made this election one of the most voted in many years.
God Bless America.

I also thank you Michelle for volunteering on Election day.


Michelle Panik said...

If the country comes together, we can get through this.

Mom said...

Sorry you were so worn out by the time your very long day at the poll ended. You put in as many hours as the Ironman triathletes who get up before dawn and don't finish until nearly midnight. Maybe next time you should train as though competing and hydrate, stretch and make sure you have enough bananas and GU packets to get you through in fine shape. Candidates who campaign well into the night might also consider doing the same.
Interesting you had so many poll watchers; did they live in the precinct or have to show credentials to do so?
Thanks for all your hard work; we need dedicated people like you to make sure things go smoothly.

David said...

I voted twice. Long story short, I'm a Chicagoan.

Only one counted.

Amazingly, I was the only person who included voting as part of their morning run.

Michelle Panik said...

Mom--your triathlon metaphor is a good one! One of my coworkers did do some stretching about six o'clock, twelve hours after starting work at our precinct. I wonder if the Registrar of Voters would let me bring my bike and trainer to the next election, and ride behind the check-in table.

Dave--we had a couple runner-voters at my precinct, too. Good for you!