Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pasado es Pasado

All of a sudden, my Spanish class is on its final chapter of the semester. Las Presiones de la Vida Moderna (The Pressures of Modern Life). Kind of a heavy theme to end with.

The chapter's grammar points are a few different idioms that use preterite-tense verbs. We started learning the simple preterite a few chapters ago, and at that time mi profesora said that we needed to have a good grasp of it, because it’s the most used tense.

Her explanation was something like, “If you think about your daily life, most of what you say refers to the past.”

It’s true.

One more test, a final exam, and then mi profesora will retire and we students will be mostly on our own. I can’t fit one of those accelerated summer courses into my schedule, so I'll be waiting until fall to take 201. By that time, mi profesora will hopefully be on some beach with a margarita. I wonder what her past-tense thoughts will be about our class and her final semester. She is ending her teaching career when I am (hopefully) just beginning mine.

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