Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now Accepting Submissions

At tonight's Tri Club meeting, I sat by ex-Prez Brian. Before things got started, Brian let me in on a idea that he thought we should take on.

Taking a cue from Tiger Woods, we'll edit a book called Men and Their Messes. It will be a compilation of stories that ordinary people submit about themselves or someone they know, as long as the person's of the male persuasion, and as long as they've gotten themselves into a sh*tload of trouble.

And because Brian's more than just an idea man, he's got a plan, too. We'll create a website with a form that people can use to submit their story directly to us. We'll compile the best ones, do a little editing and--badda-bing, badda boom (thank you, Urban Dictionary, for the spell-check)--we'll have a book. Simple, right? Until the website, www.myegoruinedmylife.com, is up and running, you can send your tales of self-inflicted woe directly to me.

(Meb gets interviewed by Bob Babbitt.)

After cementing our plan and creating an action-item list, Meb Keflezighi was welcomed as the meeting's guest speaker. Before Keflezighi became the first American to win the New York City Marathon last month since Alberto Salazar in 1982, he was an Eritrean immigrant who took ESL classes at Jefferson Elementary in North Park. After that, he became a cross-country runner by trying out for his junior high team with a mile time of 5:20. And then he became an all-American runner at UCLA. And then at the 2004 Olympics, he became the first American to medal since Frank Shorter in 1972. Keflezighi is a man who has most certainly not made a mess.

(Meb's brother, Merhawi, videoing.)


Mom said...

To go along with "Men and Their Messes" you might include a companion volume: "How to Avoid/Get Out of Your Messes", filled with practical tips on ways to get back on track. It might not provide the salacious reading of "Men" but Self-Help books sell by the millions. This excerpt might be of interest to Tiger Woods: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-erskine10-2009dec10,0,1330309,full.column

Cheryl said...

This idea will make you millions. Until then, I'm geekily pondering the fact that "badda-bing" is hyphenated, yet "badda boom" is not.

DAD said...

So when do we get an update? Inquiring minds want to know.