Sunday, August 19, 2007

Introducing Louie

He's the newest thing in San Diego; the coolest cockapoo this side of the 5 Freeway; the cutest guy in this house (sorry, Bry); and the bees knees. He's a hepcat, except not a cat; cute to boot; and the best decision we've made since getting engaged.

His owner needed to find a good home for him and we feel so lucky to be that home. He travelled two+ hours in the car without so much as a wimper or bark. At home he hung out in the backyard for a while, then eventually came inside. He's currently resting his head on Bry's hand, so I think they're going to be best buds. In fact, I think we're all going to get along quite well.


Anonymous said...

He is even cuter in these pics Mich!

And good in the car - nice...., but will he be nick named puddles by next week?



Michelle Panik said...

Nope! He's even house-trained!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I'm brand new at this so here goes...You, Brian, and Louie all look so good together, I know you are all a perfect match. The pictures are awesome, Louie looks better than ever. I have your blog now on my "favorites" so I can keep up with your adventures with Louie. Take care, it was wonderful meeting you, Brian and your parents. Hilda