Monday, August 27, 2007


Last month, I challenged myself to memorize a poem. One month + one day later I've finally selected one, "Hotel Insomnia" by Charles Simic. It's an unexpected piece with a strong sense of place, and by choosing it I'm giving a nod to this country's new Poet Laureate. I was lucky enough to hear Mr. Simic read while at New York. At the risk plagiarizing, I'll reprint the first stanza here, and post subsequent ones as I memorize them.

I liked my little hole,
its window facing a brick wall.
Next door there was a piano.
A few evenings a month
a crippled old man came to play
"My Blue Heaven."


Anonymous said...

Did you decide to memorize a poem after we recited poems while waiting for Jamaica Kincaid? I did too -- and am almost through memorizing the Lake Isle of Innisfree. See you in Tomales -- Erica

Michelle Panik said...

Hey Erica! Yes, this poetry project was indeed prompted by that afternoon we spent waiting. I just found Lake Isle of Innisfree online; wow, great choice. Perhaps we can recite to each other at Tomales. See you in a couple months!!!