Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last-minute Shopping

A little after noon today, on December twenty-third, I finished my Christmas shopping. It's the longest I've ever waited, but I'll still beat my father by twenty-four hours. I have to confess, there's a little bit of a rush that comes when you're scurrying from store to store, scanning half-empty shelves and get employee head-shakes when you ask about having an item in stock. There's also a little bit of stress that could morph into full-blown discomposure if I weren't buying for someone who insists time together is all he wants.

Most people would read this and think, aw, isn't that sweet. And it is, but it means more because Bryan works seven days a week, almost sixty hours a week. After such a long week, he could want football on a big screen with his buddies, or a night at a bar. But all he wants is me.

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