Saturday, December 22, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Bryan and I took my four typewriters to a guy named Mitchell in Kearney Mesa yesterday. He has an office supply business, but what he really loves to do is repair typewriters. Bryan knew I'd always wanted to start a typewriter collection, and these old units were his wedding gift to me.

After dropping them off, Mitchell offered to show us around his back room. He was filled with machines, from ones that type blind all the way to electric. He even had a Smith Premier No. 4, which has two QWERTY keyboards, an uppercase on top of a lower.

My little guy, a Corona 3 folding, is in pretty poor shape. So's the Remington No. 12. Hopefully Mitchell can put them back together.

Later that evening we went to Bryan's company Christmas party. Bowling!!! Unfortunately, a real ball is a little different than a Wii remote. But I still has a blast.

Manual typewriters, and manual bowling. It was such a retro day.

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