Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tour de Palm Springs, or, The Rolling Buffet

Pam and I met her sister, Pat, in Palm Springs yesterday for a fifty-five-mile bike ride through the Coachella Valley. Pam's insistence that it wasn't a race and that there would be plenty of food on the course were what sold me on the event. And I wasn't disappointed. Easygoing atmosphere, good grub, ideal weather, and even better company.

On the drive up, Pam asked if I sometimes do these types of things to integrate the people and experiences into my writing. Of course!

The longer piece I've been writing involves this desert, and it wasn't until we were on the 111 that I realized I'd written all these pages with no reference to the windmills! All of those beautiful white windmills erected out of sand and chugging through the air. A revision is in order.

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