Monday, February 4, 2008


I voted absentee today at the County Registrar of Voters. Usually, I like the rush of filling in my Scantron bubbles in the local library or high school some other random locale, all while trying not to knock over the flimsy cardboard podium. I look forward to the "I voted" sticker as much as I once looked forward to a scratch n' sniff reward sticker in kindergarten. And last election, BO and I were seen on CNN at our precinct! But I'll be on call this election as a standby poll worker. They call, and I fill in at a precinct. San Diegans who aren't sure where their precinct is located can look it up here.

After voting, I came out of athletic retirement to meet up with MarcFit for a run around the bay. At seven miles, I think it was my longest run since SuperFrog (yes, that race back in September). Since I was still standing afterwards, I went back to V's place along with Amy, where V cooked a mean pasta--capellini, sausage, marinara, tomatoes, and cilantro--and we watched looped footage of Britney Spears. I could get used to this running and carbohydrate-replenishing thing.

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