Saturday, July 21, 2007

Two-for-one (Entry for Friday and Saturday)

Last night's reading included Ricky Moody. His piece was a sequel to a story titled "Story with Advice*," which he previously published in Conjunctions. The basic premise is a newspaper advice columnist continuing to answer readers' questions, all of which center around death and the afterlife. Suffice to say, it was very funny and astute.

I realized I haven't yet commented on this second workshop, which is lead by Rick. So here's my comment: it's going great. There are seventeen of us brave workshoppers, almost half of whom are from New York. Last session, nearly half of the participants were Californians.

A friend who's also training for Superfrog has begun calling it "The Frog." So henceforth, this blog will simply refer to it as "The Frog."

I did a brick today in preparation for The Frog, 2:30 on an exercise bike and a 30-minute run. I spent a good amount of the cycling session wondering why exercise bikes don't have split seats (and why I didn't bring my bike with me to Skidmore). There have been sweeping advancements in the world of exercise equipment--elliptical cycles, neoprene-convered dumbbells, disinfectant to rid machines of cooties. Why can't someone streamline the shape of the exercise bike seat and put a crevice down its middle?

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