Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With the Finish Line in Sight

Tonight was a one-two punch of literary readings...Robert Stone and Allan Gurganus. Stone's piece was an excerpt from his memoir, and concerned a trip he took with Ken Kesey el at. Merry Pranksters down to Mexico. So much of what I've heard here over the last month has been preoccupied with New York or the east coast, that it was refreshing to hear about somewhere. And not simply somewhere else, but California, even if it was the top half.

Allan Guganus read a funny, sad, indelible story about a senile old man, told from his son's perspective.

Today was my last workshop. It's been an incredible month, helpful to my writing in myriad ways...ways I know I won't fully comprehend for another few months.

Ten-year high school reunion!

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