Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Flying Trapeze

My neighbor, Karen, is developing a self-improvement game titled "No Regrets," and I am part of her five-woman test group. We meet monthly to set goals that will challenge ourselves and/or positively affect society, therefore living life to its fullest. We also eat good food and gab. Some of the full life I've lived since starting the game? Volunteering with Rolling Readers, mailing a book to a friend, and picking up non-Louie neighborhood poop (no deed is too small).

Then Karen came to me with the idea of challenging ourselves physically. How? By swinging on a trapeze. I thought she was brilliant. The class was ninety minutes, with eighty-nine of those minutes spent flying. Almost. We left the class (which is outside, in beautiful Escondido) wonderfully exhausted.

The trapeze rig.

Me (red shirt) being caught from a knee swing.

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