Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ultramarathon Man

Tonight's Tri Club meeting came in the form of a movie premiere. "UltraMarathon Man," which follows Dean Karnazes as he runs fifty marathon in fifty states in fifty days. Which begs the question: what leads someone to attempt something so nutty?

I think the reason lies in the fact that those of us living the good life--people with good health, enough food, potable water, safe shelter, a stable government--have the luxury of pushing ourselves to achieve things that don't have to be done. For Karnazes, it's incredible displays of athletic endurance. For my husband, it's round the clock science. Me? Writing stories.

I suppose I bring this up now because I've been taking a lot of literary rejection lately. Usually I have a thick skin for this type of thing, but it's wearing on me. It makes me wonder why I want to publish. The whole process kicks your ass like a long-distance race.


John I. said...

Keep on going, Michelle. Believe in your talent. From what I've read of yours, I know I do.

lpanik said...

Shelly, Take that word FAILURE off of the label of this blog. It is not and should not be part of your vocabulary. You've got the talent. It just takes time. The 18 mile marker will pass quickly. Hang in there. Besides your blog is just short enough so I can say I still do not read :-)


The Washington Post ran a great piece on Elmore Leonard a few days ago. Turns out the man didn't have a bestseller for 30 years and his novel, UNKNOWN MAN #89, was rejected by 105 publishers before finding a home. Somehow I find hope in that, and I bet you can too. Never give up. Never.

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

John, Dad, and Renee--thanks so much. These kinds words really do help. I appreciate you taking the time to read, and also to respond.