Monday, May 12, 2008

San Francisco

Let's be up front about things and give credit where it's due. We owe this whole trip to Mark. A friend of his is helping open a new (ritzy) hotel in Sausalito, and Mark invited BO and I to go up with him for the weekend, stay in the hotel and check out the city. Then it turned out my mom would be on the mainland for our SLO trip, and it was Mother's Day weekend anyway, so we made the trip a foursome. Here are some sights...

We ended the first day with a Giants game.

Saturday we spent in Sonoma, where Mark and BO began their sommelier training.

After four vineyards, we stopped for cheese and bread, along with this $3.99--er, $2.99 salametti.

Sunday. Everyone photographing everyone.

This was the primary view we'd come to capture.

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