Thursday, May 21, 2009

Which Way is Up?

In the end, I think my Spanish exam went well. But while preparing my strange experience essay for the exam, I felt as if words were inadequate. I'd like to think this is an unusual feeling for me; I tell stories every day. But I've been having a lot of conflicting, confusing thoughts about point of view lately, so the feeling of story incompetency was quite familiar.

I may not like Ayn Rand's work, but I respect that she learned a second language as an adult, and then wrote a corpus of doorstop-sized tomes in it.


Mark Panik said...

Catorce dias hasta Belize...

Michelle Panik said...

Sí, catorce tu boleto es por las fechas correctas.


Bryan y yo estamos muchos emocionados!

Mom said...

Su mamá y papá son muy emocionados para usted

Su mamá y papá están muy emocionados de todos ustedes

I'm not sure which one is correct, but you know how we feel about it!