Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Sunnyside" by Glen David Gold

Glen was my screenwriting professor at UCSD, and I was so happy when "Carter Beats the Devil" came out a few years ago. But I was slightly underwhelmed by "Sunnyside." I think you have to know more about Hollywood's history to fully understand this book. But I just couldn't bother my brother with incessant phone calls (Who's Mary Pickford? Was Charlie Chaplin spotted in a couple hundred places across the US simultaneously? Why are screenplays so difficult to get produced?). But even if I didn't understand everything, and probably missed out on some of the book's joys, it was still an enjoyable read.


lpanik said...

If Mark can't help you with Mary Pickford, Grandpa surely can.

Well that would be Mary Travis.


BTW, who is Miley Cyrus?

Mark Panik said...

Those are the calls I love to get.

Michelle Panik said...

Be careful what you wish for, dear brother.