Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brooding about Broods

Dear TLC:

I am a fan of American Chopper. Watching the Teutul family is a melange of action, engineering, graphic design, comedy, drama, and family. Bravo. No, not Bravo. Bravo.

As we are in the middle of November Sweeps, I feel compelled to write to you about your other shows, which all seem to be about about freakishly large families. (Freaky, freakier, and still more freakiness.) They are taking over your network. I understand that shows are in the works for several months before going on the air. Perhaps you lined up all these crazy families before the Jon and Kate lost the love. TV executives live and learn. So in the spirit of living and learning, I humbly suggest you find something else to exploit.

The only monstrous family I want to see on TV is one made of up of adopted or fostered children. If at all possible, it'd be great to follow the lives of a family who takes in the children of an immediate family member, after their tragic death in a car accident.

Thank you for reading.

Warm regards,
Michelle Panik


DAD said...

How about you coming up with an idea for a show. Say a young writer searching out blogs. Kind of like the writer in Sex and the Single Girl. Might be very catchy with some imagination behind it. That part is for you to come up with. My idea was the story :-)

Renee Thompson said...

My husband's cousin has embarked upon a fun project: he's taking one photo every day for a year, with the number of the day embedded somewhere in the photo. (Day 66, for example, was a pic of a friend with his motorcycle; the bike's license plate indicated the bike was built in '66.) It's been a hoot, and we all look forward to viewing his pics on FB. I told him I smelled a book deal...we shall see.

Michelle Panik said...

Nice photo, Dad! I think that show was Sex and the City, though. Kinda like Platinum Petunias, huh?

I love the photo project! That is quite an undertaking. If nothing else, it would make a great blog. Kinda like these:

I'm partial to this one: