Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Tri Club's president passed away yesterday. Perhaps I'll have some perspective on this soon, but for now I'm simply numb. This is a huge loss for everyone who knew him and the local triathlon community.

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lpanik said...

I see Jim has made an impression on you. I believe we all come into this world to make a difference. Whatever that difference is. If a person can impress, change, influence (in a positive way) then he has served his purpose on this earth. It appears Jim has done that and more to so many. He was gifted in that way. I never knew him but admire him for what he has done for others. I grieve that he had such a short life. 43 is very, very young. BUT it appears his mission was done here. We need to take his memory and move on remembering what an impact he has had on others and try to mimic that in our own life. Life is very short at times and we never know when that time is so let's be positive and enjoy what we have. Be forgiving when at all possible. And enjoy each other. MOM and I have tried to teach that to all our children and I know you are our best student.
Love you Michelle,
Go kick some ass in New York. Make a difference!