Friday, June 22, 2007

Sonic Boom

I heard the shuttle return home today. I was on my way to lunch with Veronika when the boom resounded through campus. All of southern California knew the shuttle had returned.

But things and people come and go all the time. And their movements are rarely accompanied by a signal flare.

There's a lot of snatching going on. People are whisked away. They slip out.

TCSD attracts all types. Some of us are tri geeks, others are casual athletes. Some dream about durace casettes, others are happy with a cleansing Friday Cove swim. But we all love this sport. And Jim wanted us to be a part of it. Every *single* one of us. He knew it would make us more confident, more physically fit, reduce our stress, provide direction and goals, distract us from work, give us utter joy. And most of all, we would find great friends.


This was my last day at work. Another ending and the possibility of a newness with another beginning. You use what's passed to propel you up the next hill. You use the legacy of someone to effect those still with you.

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