Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Good, Bad, and Good of Human Interaction

My dad called this afternoon. He'd read yesterday's entry and wanted to know if his phone call would make it onto the blog like Patchen's. He said he thinks blogs are interesting because readers can gauge the pritorities of the writer. That man is so incisive. Anyhow Dad, of course you made it here.

Riding home from work, a passenger shouted something while his truck was passing me. I'm sure it was obscene, but I honestly have no idea what he said. Come on, misogynistic men of the world; if you're going to insult women on bicycles, please make your words audible! I like to know what people find so wrong about me riding along, mind my own business and sticking to the bike lane, sparing the world some CO2.

I returned this evening to a short story. On Saturday my writing workshop gave comments, and these have proved enormously helpful. In the rest of our lives we are incredibly different. But once a month we gather to talk about stories and poems, to give our thoughts and suggestions. This is going on all over the world, in the smallest cities and among all types of people. Thanks, ladies.

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