Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Frog

I came. I saw. I survived. And conquered. And had a great time.

This race is a blast. The Navy Seals are an impressive group of athletes, and the volunteers are really friendly.

The race conditions (high surf, wind, rain) were not ideal for fast times, but did make the race crazier and more fun. How can you not laugh when the rip current puts you 100 yards north of the intended surf exit point? And then you have to run down the beach and do it two more times?

Bryan, my parents, and Louie came out to cheer me on. While I was biking through wind and rain, they were sitting in it. For hours. It means so much when the people you love support your crazy endeavors. Knowing they would be on the other side of the loose sand section of the run made each step easier.


lpanik said...

Your caption for that picture should read, "Three very handsome and intellegent men with a fabulous personality and charm that any woman would kill for, idolizing their favorite girl".
Maybe that was a little much.
Ya think?

Michelle Panik said...

Nah, not at all. A bit long, perhaps, but not over the top.


lpanik said...

Michelle Panik finished 3rd in her age group (20-29) and 104 over all beating many Navy Seals. The Navy plans to contact Ms Panik as soon as she wakes up.

(Panik News Service)