Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Head of the Class

Tonight was Louie's second day of school. Bryan and I don't want to be those elite, competitive parents, but , honey, he's waaaaaay ahead of all the other dogs. No jumping or barking. And if Bryan and I give a command correctly, he follows! Oh, and did I mention he's also the cutest dog there?

I am furiously working on a story (in between furiously planning a wedding, of course) for Tomales Bay. I've been kicking around some scenes in my head for several months now, and figured it would end up being a 5,000-to-7,000-word story. But as I write, it's seeming more episodic. Maybe closer to novella length? Or...? I can't bring myself to type the other "N" word.

My mom helped me mail out a story to journals this morning. I was critiqued by Michael Jaime-Becerra at Squaw. He really went above and beyond what's required of a critique, and his comments helped me see the story in a new way. I'm optimistic that someone, somewhere, in this vast land of literature, will want to publish it.

My brother is taking an impromptu vacation in Hawaii this week. Carpe diem!

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