Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Glowing Bubbles

Along with table arrangements, ceremony site logistics, and reception music, Bryan and I also have to sample ice cream flavors for our wedding cake (Cold Stone!). We spent an hour at the store, trying different combinations of ice cream, mix-ins, and cake. Who would have thought cheesecake ice cream, blueberries, and chocolate cake was so delicious?! And mint ice cream, slivered almonds, white chocolate chips, and chocolate cake? Luckily, Bryan and I powered through combinations to find this out.

Becky, Pam, and I did a night swim with the Tri Club this evening. There was a full moon, and everyone was given a glow stick to attach to our wetsuit pulls. The phosphorescence was incredible! Every time your hand broke the water's surface, the bubbles glowed fluorescent green! There was some funky stuff on the ocean floor at one point that could freak you out, so I just focused on the shiny bubbles. And all was well.

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