Monday, September 3, 2007


It's freakin hot.

Q + brick workout = hot triathlete.

Because I'm a louse, I postponed Saturday's brick (last long workout before beginning my Frog taper). So I had to do it today.

And since I am this previously mentioned louse, I returned to the house overheated, and took a cue from Louie.

I lay on the tile floor in front of a fan, ice cubes on my pulse points. Louie gave me a "this lady's crazy" look (it's the poodle part of him--very perceptive) and then munched on his own ice cubes.

After Saturday's lament about no responses from literary journals, three rejections arrived today. Don't editors have better things to do on Labor Day, like BBQ meat, than tell me I don't measure up?

The police in Mission Beach are donning riot gear today. The heat does strange things to people. Like cause them to brawl over a keg, or think they can make it as a fiction writer.


Rachel said...

People were nasty this weekend! Crowds and heat--not a good combo. I'm still in major recovery mode after pushing it through the weekend in the heat. Can't wait 'til it breaks. You'll do great at Super Frog!

b.o. said...

With the heat wave finally over, the delusions subside, and we are left with the reality that you are indeed a FICTION WRITER!!!