Friday, August 8, 2008


Coincidence is tough to pull off in fiction. Readers just don't buy a character meeting their long-lost, separated-at-birth twin late one night in the supermarket. But after these two weeks of writer's conferences, in which my path crossed in so many weird ways with other people's, I have to throw up my hands and say, "I believe!" Not that you'll find long-lost twins reuniting over a produce pyramid in any of my stories.



hey michelle -- hope you learned much and had a great time doing it. my old squaw mate from last year, andy weiner, mentioned meeting a michelle from san diego, and i'm pretty sure it was you. i'm taking august off to catch my breath. imagine you're exhausted too, yet eager to apply all you've learned. you going to tomales bay this oct?

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Hey Renee,

I did indeed meet Andy at Squaw! We talked about you and some of your other Squaw cohorts. I applaud the patience that allows you to take a little time off from your writing. Distance is invaluable. Can't wait to see a re-write. No plans for Tomales this year. I am writing-conferenced-out.