Monday, August 11, 2008

Love Letter

It is with sweaty palms and a fluttering heart that I profess my love for my Napa and Squaw workshop mates.

We commuted in winery rush hour, we conspired to get me the vegetarian lunch option, we got you your much-beloved fig pizza, and we listened to (and learned from!) poetry craft talks.

We read our work aloud to each other one night, and listened to a published author stumble through her own book on another night. We ate overpriced seafood and found we had friends in common. We tried breaking into a pool. We succeeded in breaking down stories to see how they work.

In lieu of a promise ring, we exchanged manuscripts scribbled with notes of affection and solid criticism. We got to know each other over a very intense week, and while our relationships must continue long-distance I know we'll be very happy together.

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