Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Far From Home

At Starbucks today, a taxi cab pulled into the parking lot. Which is a bit unusual for the area, because we are solidly in a suburb. Turns out it was driven by a French man, with his daughter in the back seat. They got drinks, then came outside and the girl sat next to me while the father went to his taxi.

I had Louie with me, as well as our neighbor's dog, Dee Dee. After sitting precociously next to me, the girl asked if she could pet Dee Dee. I said of course. And then, as the girl was standing there petting this yellow lab that was as big as her, she informed me that, "A wet nose means a dog is well."

I knew Dee Dee was well by the wagging tail. If you're petting Dee Dee, and then you stop, she'll nudge you until you resume. It's really very sweet.

The girl said she wanted a dog, but couldn't because she lived in an apartment. And then her father came and got her, and they walked back to his cab. As they drove away, I wondered what had brought their taxi cab up to this area. And then I wondered what had brought them to this part of the world.

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