Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Louie fell in love, broke up, and reconciled with a wheaten terrier this morning, all in the space of thirty minutes. I love the dog park.

As for Bryan and I, we did it up real nice.

It was Thursday night, while watching The Cosby Show (thank you, TV Land), that Bryan and I wondered just what a bacon burger dog was. And harboring a shared dislike of crowds, we decided we'd stay in Saturday night and grill. And so I present to you, humble readers, our Valentine's Day dinner:

(Hot dog wrapped in hamburger wrapped in bacon; cole slaw; and steak fries.)


lpanik said...

Oh my. I have dreamed of one those for years. Did you use "THICK" bacon? Where is the mustard, mayo, catchup (or is that ketchup?), onions, relish, and of course CHILI? Bryan you are so lucky. My lifeguard would never let me have one... hey it is 4am here, She'll never know. Later

Michelle Panik said...

Chili! Why didn't we think of that? Next time.

Manasse said...

You should try bacon-wrapped bacon.