Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okay, Okay, I Get It

Today I received ten email rejections from the same journal for the same story. Okay, I get it. I suck and you hate me and I should either live out the rest of my days under a rock or get a new career, and at the very least never submit to you again. But maybe you could've gotten your point across in, oh, say five rejections? Mark, what are you waiting for in getting in on this fun?

My last blog link (until next year's Tour of California!) about the Borat showing. Viva la TCSD!


lpanik said...

Well then I must be feeling good about not getting any rejections. OH wait, you have to at least try before you can succeed. So my advice to you is KEEP TRYING.

Michelle Panik said...

:) Thanks, Dad.

Renee Thompson said...

I recently read that on average writers can expect 25 rejections before finally landing an acceptance (someone apparently did the math). I've rec'd 16 rejections on the story that placed in Glimmer Train, so I figure the "hit" is coming. You don't suck! You're inching closer to success!