Thursday, February 5, 2009

¿Te puedo preguntar?

In my How to Teach Reading and Writing class, there is a student who teaches Spanish. In the past he's offered to help with my Spanish homework. And he seems like a really nice guy, so I figure the offer was genuine. Last night, I brought in a Spanish assignment, but had momentary second thoughts about him looking at it. I don't have issues with getting a short story critiqued (usually, I'm screaming "You've gotta help me! It's a mess! Pretty please?"). But with something written in a foreign language I'm just beginning to learn, I gave a self-conscious pause.

Of course that quickly went out the window because I needed help. In particular, I had a few specific questions about articles (I hear you can always find the non-native speaker in the room by their errors with "a," "an," and "the"). He was extremely encouraging with what I'd written, and rather than tell me something was outright wrong, suggested better alternatives. I hope I can teach in this same encouraging way. I hope to not wear out his generous offer. Although I do at some point want to ask about the d/th pronunciation.

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