Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shined up and Shipped out

To me, the best short stories are round-cut, perfectly shined little gems. A sapphire, maybe. Today, the story I'm working on feels like a medical cadaver, dissected thrice over and left out of the refrigerator.

I am buoyed, though, by the thought that this story will, if I keep working, become something semi-precious. To prove the point, I just had a story accepted at the Concho River Review.


Kathryn Law said...

Congratulations on the acceptance! And thanks for the "gem" of wisdom, about continuing to work on those cadaverous early beginnings. That's the spirit!

J.Y. said...

Hi Michelle,

Congrats on the acceptance. I'm glad you posted links to your stories on your blog; I'm going to make my way through them when I have a spare moment.

I don't blog, per se, but I do have a tumblr I sporadically update.


Michelle Panik said...

I appreciate the kind words, Kathryn. Can't wait to see you in a couple months.

Thanks so much for your link, John! I hadn't heard of tumblr before, but I just signed up and you can now count me as one of yours followers. :)