Thursday, July 30, 2009

And So it Goes

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the best way to help others. Right now, I am of the mindset that, instead of making my goal to help others, it should be to do what I'm good at. And from this, people will benefit.

At tonight's club meeting, Brian Long announced that he's resigning as club president. He took the position two years, after our good friend Jim McCann passed away unexpectedly. Although I don't know for certain, I don't think Brian decided to preside over two thousand zany triathletes because he wanted to help people learn about this sport. And he didn't do it to benefit his business. I think the position was suddenly vacant, Brian had the plenty of club experience as vice president, good organizational skills as a realtor, and the club needed a president. And in carrying out the duties of president, he's helped thousands of people.

Including me. And while most of the benefits I've reaped from Brian's leadership haven't been material, I also got a typewriter out of the deal.

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Brian said...

You have been a great friend. Thank you!!!