Monday, July 6, 2009


I feel taken. I now have independent confirmation from two native Spanish speakers that "escritorio" doesn't really mean desk. This is a basic word we learned in chapter one. Grrr. I wonder if the people who write language textbooks and include obscure synonyms giggle each night when they go to bed.


lpanik said...

Language is a funny thing. Just when you think you understand what you want to say, then get someone to translate it. Someone else says it is wrong. We paid good money to have some chinese plaques made for our entrance. One was to say, "Welcome". Well, found out that we need 4 chinese characters to say that but we only have 2. Now it means "Visiting". Go figure. Now I know why I still have problems with English. Chinese? No way!!

Michelle Panik said...

That's hilarious! Who did you pay your good money to? I think they might have some more carving to do!