Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snail's Pace

Here's something I love about writing. The care that's taken with the choice of words that become clauses that become phrases that become sentences that become paragraphs that become scenes that become sections that become stories. Everything is crafted.

Here's something I love about ESL. The care that's taken with words here, too. You have to go slower--not a lot, but a little bit. It may take an extra thirty seconds to explain (or act out, or round up props) the concept of the California Aquaduct. You do not rush through and not care if anything you're trying to teach is getting through.

It's good to go slow. My very good friend feels that it's taking significant time to finish her doctoral dissertation. Bryan and I took six months to find the perfect dog. And then we took twenty-six years to find each other.

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