Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now 25% Less!

For several years now, a "half-gallon" of ice cream (the equivalent of 2 quarts) has been 1.75 quarts. Then last year, my beloved carton of creamy-sugary goodness was shrunk again to 1.5 quarts. I've known about this (and the peanut butter conspiracy) for a while now. But when I put a half-gallon of Dreyer's cookie dough in my grocery cart yesterday, I got riled up all over again.

A half gallon isn't 1.75 quarts. It isn't 1.5 quarts. Volume measurements aren't like women's clothing sizes; they are exact.

Maybe I wouldn't be so upset if this packaging change didn't involve the vice that I embrace most. Or maybe I'm offended by the complete disregard for words and definition. Or maybe I just feel like it's one more instance of the world being turned upside-down. All I can do is console myself with a metric chart and a bowl of ice cream.


DAD said...

Just bite the bullet and eat the whole 1.5 gal in one sitting instead of trying to stretch it out to 2 servings. You deserve it skinny!

Well that is what I would do and you always listen to you old pop right? :-)

Mom said...

Why is it that products like ice cream come in increasingly smaller packages, while restaurants frequently serve much larger portions than they did years ago? I've noticed the package-shrinking phenomena for quite awhile. A cookbook I bought when I got married 42 years ago has recipes which call for a 7 ounce can of tuna. After several downward-size changes, the can I bought this week is now a paltry 5 ounces -- not even 5.25 anymore. Do you think new cookbooks have adjusted their recipe amounts to compensate?

DAD said...

Don't listen to MOM's gibberish. She is too practical. Just eat the whole thing and throw the empty in the outside dumpster. No one will know.

Words of wisdom from DAD.

PS, love you HON :-)

Michelle Panik said...

Wouldn't a book on the history and culture of food portion size be an interesting read?

Mom, I never thought about the cook book complication.

Thanks, Dad. I'll take part of your advice, but will be depositing the empty carton in the recycling bin. :)