Monday, January 18, 2010

Storm Week: Monday Yellow

Since rain and foul weather are forecast this whole week (and throughout most of the state), I am proclaiming it Storm Week on Stray Carrier Pigeon. Each day I'll be posting a picture of the great outdoors, and the mess Mother Nature is making of it.

The rain really came down today, but anyone can get a picture of rain. What's better is what occurred early this evening, when the rain tapered off and the sky became yellow. Yes, yellow. Either the humidity reacted with sunlight or San Onofre blew a gasket. Anyhow, it sure is beautiful:


DAD said...

Actually it is the sulfur dioxide in our Big Island VOG we sent you. Enjoy it while you can. We don't like sharing it :-)

Cool Picture!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela said...

Great photo!

DAD said...

Off topic:
Surely one of you poets could pick up the tradition?