Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting to Know My Husband

Bryan and I ran with MarcFit (two Saturdays in a row!) and made it through 70 minutes. You don't realize how tough a long-distance run is when you've been spending your Saturdays at Starbucks or a science lab. We kept pace with V, and talked about the upcoming Journey Concert, about seeing the "Sex in the City" movie.

We laid the hallway floor today. I feel bad that the little time that Bryan has away from work has been spent, as of late, on work around the house. But he claims not to mind, because it's time we're spending together. I agree. During the installation, I asked him why he went into science in college--and chemistry specifically, not biology, pre-med, et cetera. He told me all about his affinity for math but thinking science was a broader field.

At an evening party, he told a story I'd never heard about his roommate sophomore year of college.

Afterwards, at home, I hit him with quick-fire questions about his youth. I learned that his mom made his lunch for him every school day, that "Charles In Charge" was one of his favorite sit-coms, that he didn't like art class because he was always worrying his work wasn't good enough, that he didn't decorate or personalize his bedroom, that his grade school was HUGE, that a trip to a physics learning institute was his favorite field trip.

I regaled him with a story of dumpster-diving with my grandma in search of carpet for the exterior of her ranch house (you can read more about this in a future short story--that is, if I'm worth my salt as a writer). He seemed to enjoy it, but I'm afraid he was picturing me, old, careening through back alleys in a hatchback, searching for discarded carpet of all shapes and colors.

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