Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Typewriters Don't Experience Hard Drive Failures

V and I saw "Juno" today. If you can get past the ultra-hip, ultra-annoying dialogue, it's a good flick. I just don't understand why the screenwriter didn't read her dialogue aloud and realize how irritating it was. Fiction writers do this, and our words aren't designed to be heard.

My computer has died. (Thanks to Bryan for the loan.) Naturally, many of my files weren't backed up. I'm hoping some kid at the Mac store with green hair and piercings--you know, a Genius--can get it back up and running (a la Frankenstein's monster, if necessary) long enough to recover my writing. One of the documents I don't have saved elsewhere is this novel-in-progress I've been in-progress on for some time. I just haven't felt drawn to work on it lately. But now, knowing it could have fallen into some silicon abyss, I really want to write its next chapter.

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