Thursday, April 10, 2008

Louie, Louie

Bryan and I had our first perrito parental scare. Bry went to scratch Louie's head this morning and he yelped. We looked closer and realized Louie's eye was red, and the white inner eyelid was covering part of it. I made an appointment with the vet for that afternoon, and later in the morning realized Louie wasn't able to open his mouth fully to yawn. And that funny eyelid kept creeping farther up his eye. He slept all day up to his appointment.

Turns out, Lou probably got konked on the head last night at the park (he'd spent a lot of time chasing a golden retriever and her ball). His inner eyelid gradually receded, and he started yawning normally. I took a picture of his pathetic eye, but am having trouble uploading it to Bryan's computer.

I figured Lou was back to normal this evening when he insisted on carrying his tennis ball in his mouth to the park. Then he stole another dog's squeaker toy (the creme de la creme of dog toys, at least in Carmel Valley), and I knew our boy was back to normal.

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