Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teeth Cleaning

How is it that a dental hygienist, with her rebuke of your poor flossing habits, can make you feel like a complete failure? I have sufficient self-confidence, a wonderful husband, a loving family, a pretty adept brain, a wonderful perrito, very few cavities, and yet, it isn't enough when you hear your thirties will be filled with gloom and doom and inflamed gums if you don't start flossing in every spare moment. Rejections from journals, no problem! Admonishment from a dental professional? I go to pieces.

This evening, I negatively influenced my oral health with candy at the Tri Club meeting. My mom is a superstar for helping me, too. Renewing members and new members and movie tickets, and her help was much appreciated. She even had time to chat up the speaker before the meeting began.

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