Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Library Card Perk

Starbucks card users, eat your heart out. Today, in celebration of National Library Card Sign-up Month, Chipotle offered a free burrito to anyone who could flash their San Diego public library card. I'm not a big fan of Chipotle, but I love my library card, and I am a fan of free food. I simply had to go. I know some people feel exclusive when flashing their AmEx, but as I stepped up to that Chipotle register, blue library card in hand, I felt like the bee's knees.

What I learned from this afternoon's spanish homework: it is difficult to complete the oral section after eating frozen grapes.


Robert McEvily said...

Too true: Spanish and frozen grapes just don't mix.

Renee Thompson: said...

Michelle, I too love my library card. As it happens, I was trying to renew a prescription online, and Kaiser kept kicking back my Mastercard number, saying they didn't have it on record. Turns out I was repeatedly plugging in my library card number, which I've long since memorized, since I request so many books online.

P.S. I like free food too!