Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week Six

In a shocking move, the Panik parents have decided to bail out the O'Neills and provide funds for pantry items.

Amid concerns that such a bailout would undermine the mission of the 2008 Great Pantry Reduction, blog readers may rest assured that stipulations are in place that limit the agreement's scope and creates accountability for the consumption of surplus items.

No golden parachutes for a hungry writer or famished scientist.

Louie has generously agreed to reach across the aisle and do his part. We will be filling his KONG with peanut butter (we still have SIX jars) on a schedule that is convenient for the humans of this household.

Good night, and good luck.


lpanik said...

Very creative, You should be a writer for a presidential candidate. They both need one.

Bryan said...

Looks like the Paniks are doing better than Congress on bailout measures. We should all go into politics!

lpanik said...

Have any idea for a speech writer? I know we could do a better job. If we could last 16 days maybe we could get a parachute for about $15M. I'm happy to share.

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

I'll write the words, Bryan reads them form behind a curtain, and Dad you just move your lips. It's in the bag!

Speaking of bags, thank God for the bag of Mesquite Barbeque Wavy Lays potato chips we bought yesterday. Ah, greasy potatoey bliss.