Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Marley and Me" by John Grogan

The neighborhood dog whisperer lent me this book. He is a wonderful person to live across the street from, someone who does volunteer work in his retirement and is always good for a sidewalk chat.

I think he's a great guy, and I don't even get snacks from him. I can only imagine what emotions Louie associates with him. Said neighbor keeps a box of Milk Bones in his garage, and whenever Louie and I pass by, he can't resist giving him one. Or two. I usually draw the line at four.

Some might think of this book as "light," and perhaps it is. But it's also very entertaining and is rife with vivid images. Like one of the author spraying Marley's stools with the hose for two weeks, watching each poop mound melt away, until he finds his wife's gold charm necklace.

In the end, the book has much to say about all sorts of relationships, about pleasure and sorrow, and about the ultimate end.

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