Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pam, Becky, and I had a girls' night at a climbing gym. Actually, it was guys' night (have a Y chromosome, get five bucks off), but isn't every night a guys' night at a climbing gym? But I digress...I would like to thank these two fine ladies for turning my arms into noodles, and for not letting me fall.

Just yesterday I was talking on the phone with Patchen (or should I say, Pablo; or, for the next week or so, Paddy) and he asked how the publications were coming. I said they weren't really. But then today I was so delighted to receive an acceptance from The Battered Suitcase.


Renee Thompson -- said...

Hey Michelle -- congrats on the acceptance from Battered Suitcase! Let us know when your story comes out and we'll eat a fig in your honor.

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Thanks, Renee!