Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pack Animals

(Frannie's quite a friendly dog.)

(Louie explores Bowling Ball Beach.)

(My favorite hike of the week.)

If I have one complaint about the week in Mendocino County, it's that the locals weren't terribly friendly. When not writing, reading, talking, or hiking, I was running the area's beautiful roads and trails. It was a good way to clear my head...except when I was being chased, first by four geese, and then four chihuahuas.

Who knew a change of scenery would be so helpful to my writing? It's not like I needed to hole myself away in order to write--I'm already motivated on a daily basis. And it's not like I needed the time to write--I already write on a daily basis. But it was indeed the change of scenery--both the landscape and the company of thoughtful, generous writers--that made all the difference.

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Mom said...

Welcome back! Glad it was a great week despite being chased by packs of animals. The beach should be renamed "Enormous Gigantic Humongous Bowling Ball Beach" -- Louie looks tiny in comparison. :-)