Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gone Fishing

Gone writing, actually. Up to Mendocino County with two other writers. I will return with pictures, oral stories, and hopefully a full written story draft.


Lakin said...

hey, Mendocino is one of my favorite get-way-to-write places. In fact I was just up there this long weekend (March 28th-31st) for a spate of writing & replenishment time. Not all the way to the coast as you all did, but to a small retreat center in Philo, a tiny town between Boonville and the town of Mendo.

Where were you staying (if you don't mind my asking)? I'm always looking for a good writing place, either solo or with a few friends, as you did.

Love reading your blog; I check in from time to time. Always good stuff and I enjoy following your links to your posted work.

Michelle Panik said...

I'm sending you an email...but I went up to a writer-friend's house. I hope your retreat was as productive as mine!