Friday, June 26, 2009

For Jim

In remembrance of Jim, we swam out to The Cove's quarter-mile buoy this evening. Many thanks to Kevin Koresky for organizing the event and purchasing the leis.

When I pulled up at the buoy and lifted my goggles up to my forehead, there was a one-breath summersault contest going on (the winner did twelve; yes, you should be impressed; it was a flurry of pointed toes and a tucked head). It was just the type of thing Jim would've organized, egging people on to join in.

Leis were placed on the buoys, a few words were said. Then some continued further out for a longer swim, and some high-tailed it back to the shore for the potluck. I bobbed around the buoy for a bit. It was my first ocean swim in a year and a half. It was good. But soon I got cold. Really cold. (No wetsuit). But it was still good. I will be back before another year and a half passes.


Kathryn Law said...

Brava! What a tribute to a great person. He lives on in TCSD.

Rachel said...

Somersault contest winner did eleven...and it was a tie between Flo and I. Great times out there.

I never met Jim. I joined the club in May 2008...yet I've heard so much about him and have him to thank for creating the greatest club ever! He lives on. :)